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Rally Team (English) - Alpenbutt Rally

Rally Team (English)

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These people make the Alpenbutt Rally possible


German Butt Rally 2012

Robert is the Rally Master of the Alpenbutt Rally and responsible for the concept, development and the execution of the rally. He is an IBA veteran since 2002 and won 15 long distance rallies so far, among them the prestigious European Tour, the Brit Butt Rally, German Butt Rally, Scandinavian Rally and European Road Runner Rally. Robert received the Germany`s Toughest Rider in 2015 award for his rally performance. Raised in the Pre-Alps and biking in the Alps for more than 30 years, he knows the region like few other people. Robert has developed and lead tours in the Alps for more than 20 years. He has prepared the rally during three years to ensure that the participants will enjoy the best mountain ride they ever had.



Gerhard is the President of the Ironbutt Association Germany for many years and lifted the safe long distance motorbike riding in Germany to its current level. He organised numerous events such as rallies, meetings and LD rides. Being a passionate LD rider, he participated 9 times since 1999 in the toughest motorcycle rally in the world, the Ironbutt Rally in the USA. Gerhard won the Wolfhound and the Scandinavian Rally and regularly develops and organises the German Butt rallies. This assures that the Alpenbutt Rally will be organised at the known, highly professional level.


Dave Pic

Dave is an IBA UK member since its start in 2000 and has a UK Mileater award for his many certified IBA rides. He gained 14th place in the first Brit Butt Rally 2008. Since retiring in 2010, he runs the IBA UK shop and still manages to notch up 25,000 miles a year on his Triumph Trophy SE. Dave rides for British Cyclings’ National Escort Group and he is a National Observer with the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists. Dave is an experienced rally assistant and supports the team with his marketing and merchandising skills.


Rüdiger is a motorbiker since 1969 and the most prominent LD driver from Austria. He participated in a number of European long distance events and  rallies, however, his focus is on the IBA long distance rides (25 since 2012), which earned him a Mile Eater Award, four Mile Eater Awards in silver and a Mile Eater Award in gold. Rüdiger received the Germany`s Toughest Rider in 2014 award for his rides. He supports the rally team by assisting the riders at the start, checkpoint and finish.