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Rally rules (English) - Alpenbutt Rally

Rally rules (English)

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The Alpenbutt rally is a six-day endurance motorcycle event, broken into two sections (or legs), traversing a large section of the European Alps. It is not a race. No benefits, actual or implied, accrue to the rider who finishes a section (or the entire rally) in the shortest amount of time. Finishing positions will be determined solely by the points obtained by the riders during the entirety of the event.

The following rules, tips, and miscellaneous information are designed to provide the rider with the minimum amount of background material necessary to commence the event. Information contained is deemed to be crucial. Prior to the commencement of the event, each rider will sign a certification to the effect that said rules have been read and understood.

1.The motorcycle and rider must be road legal.

2.The Alpenbutt rally is designed to be a test of rider and machine. Swapping motorcycles during the rally will cause the competitor to lose 100% of awarded points.

3.If you wish to collect points, your odometer must remain functional for the entire event. GPS odometer readings may be substituted in the event of the motorcycle odometer failing.

4.Failure to sign the disclaimer and waiver before the rally start, will result in disqualification. No refund of entry fee will be payable.

5.Failure to arrive at checkpoints or finish on time will result in a “did not finish”.

6.The motorcycle must travel under it’s own power. If you break down and the bike cannot be repaired at the breakdown location, you will be “did not finish”.

7.Auxiliary fuel systems are not necessary. However, you may carry extra fuel if you wish. If you choose to carry extra fuel, you are responsible for your own safety. The organisers will not examine any fuel system or carrying container on your bike.

8.Riders are expected to act in a sportsmanlike fashion at all times.

9.Any attempt at cheating will be punishable with disqualification.

10.Once the rally starts, riders must not receive any assistance from anyone not riding in the rally. This includes having others book hotel rooms or boats on your behalf. This rule does not prevent you from obtaining assistance such as asking directions from a stranger once you are in the vicinity of a bonus location.

11.Riders are responsible for their own health and safety during the event. This includes taking adequate rest.

12.In order to claim points for a bonus location, riders must actually travel to that location. In addition, riders must also follow the specific instructions for that particular bonus which may also include completing any required information specific to that bonus and collecting specific evidence.

13.During the event, riders may not travel with persons not entered in the event. This includes following a car, another motorcycle or carrying a passenger.

14.Rules of this rally are enforceable years after the event has finished. If we discover , at any time, that you violated the rules during the rally, we can alter the final results table, and any article we have published.

15.You may be disqualified for any of these acts:

– Failure to render aid to a participant in the rally under emergency or life threatening conditions ( Running out of fuel is not necessarily an emergency),

– Excessive speeding or riding in a reckless manner,

– Acts that endanger the public or fellow competitors,

– Discourtesy to Rally volunteers,

– Excessive traffic violations,

– Tampering with any road sign, rally flag or similar item,

– Having anyone assist you in obtaining a bonus

– Failing to notify the rally masters in a timely manner of your inability to make the finish line or checkpoint

– Failure to take adequate rest periods.

16.Riders will be provided with a rally book with a list of locations. It is the riders responsibility to ensure these books are complete before leaving the start line.

17.The Rally book will not be replaced if lost during the rally.

18.At the start, the motorcycle must be in a safe state and tyres must have a minimum tread of at least 3 mm. Brake disks and brake pads must be in a good condition. The braking fluid should be fresh. It is highly recommended to replace all essential wearing parts before the rally.

19.Riders may be asked for copies of any photographs they take during the rally. The rally organisers may use copies these photographs for any purpose .

20.Any item required to be submitted at scoring to satisfy a bonus requirement must have been taken or purchased during the rally.

21.Any receipts that are to be submitted must have been obtained by the rider during the rally from the location specified.

22.Some bonuses may require photographs. ALL photos MUST include the riders rally flag ( see rules 27 and 28). The rally flag must be clearly legible.

23.If you do not satisfy the specific stated requirements of a bonus you will not receive the stated points value. This does not preclude the rally masters altering the bonus requirement during scoring if it is deemed necessary—Example– The gates to a bonus were locked and no rider was able to gain access. In this case you should get evidence that you were there…receipt, another photograph etc.

24.All photographs must be taken on a digital camera. It is the riders responsibility to ensure the correct operation of the camera.

25.Riders are required to set their camera date/time to MEST +/- 10 minutes.

26.Rally ID flags are unique to each rider. They will not be replaced if lost.

27.In the event a rider loses his rally flag, the rider may still collect bonuses provided the riders face appears in each photo. Once this alternate method is used, a rider may not return to the rally flag method.

28.Riders carrying a pillion, who lose their flag, will have the passenger appear in each photo. If a bonus states “ you must appear” then both of you must appear in the photograph. Once this method is used, the Rally flag ID method can not be used again.

29.If you come across another riders rally flag, leave it alone.

30.Riders may arrive at any checkpoint or finish early without penalty.

31.Riders who arrive at a checkpoint or finish after it closes will not receive any points for that leg .

32.Riders shall notify the rally master if they expect to arrive late or not arrive at all.

33.There are no tricks on this rally. If a location or item is not available, substitute it with something else. However, if others found the location or item you will not be awarded any points.

34.There are no allowances for weather, traffic or road construction. This is all part of rallying and will not be taken into consideration when scoring.

35.If you render aid to others in an emergency, document your involvement and this will be given consideration by the rally master.

36.We have taken great care to ensure the accuracy of our published material. However, this does not rule out the possibility of a mistake or typo. Good judgement and common sense should be applied if your first attempt does not get you where you think you should be.

37.Only the rally master can change, alter, waive and make exceptions to the rules and or requirements covering the Alpenbutt Rally.

38.Directions and instructions provided by the rally master at a pre rally meeting or disseminated in any rally packet supersede these written rules.

39.All disputes under these rules shall be resolved by the rally master, whose decision is final.

40.Riders may withdraw from the rally at any time and for any reason. Those withdrawing shall not be entitled to a refund of entry fee.

41.Riders shall co-operate with any investigation carried out into alleged rule breaches.